Tank House Technology Africa-rugged cathodes are manufactured in stainless steel, titanium or high purity aluminium to the demanding tolerances required for top performance in copper, zinc, cobalt and nickel tank houses. Designed to provide superior strength and performance ... maximising productivity and minimising maintenance.

Tank House Technology utilises explosion bonding and/or specialised welding techniques to produce header bars of high electrical efficiency, aimed at reducing costs. An added advantage of explosion bonding is that it provides shear strength equal to the metal itself. This manifests itself in longer cathode service life.  A sound metallurgical bond offers more than better electricity efficiency. It also means less corrosion, also contributing to extended cathode life.

Tank House Technology cathode sheets are manufactured to demanding tolerances from stainless steel (2B finish), high priority aluminium and titanium to give top performance in the tank house.

Tank House Technology has a range of custom-designed strong edge and bottom strips in various non-conductive materials to reduce maintenance requirements and problems in stripping.

Tank House Technology cathodes are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standards, guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction. Experienced Tank House Technology engineers are on hand to help customers to enhance their processes and provide effective solutions to tank house problems.

After sales service includes the refurbishment of cathodes

Hanger Bars

Typically manufactured from a combination of High Conducting Copper and Stainless Steel, utilising Explosion Bonding and/or specialised welding techniques to produce hanger bars of high conductivity and efficiency, aimed at reducing cell house costs.

Cathode Blade/Sheet
Stainless Steel (2B finish), high purity aluminium or titanium.

Edge Strips
Tank House Technology offers a range of edge and bottom strips to suite customer specifications and requirements.