The Next Generation Cathode

Optimise tank house productivity through guaranteed quality, high conductivity and superior corrosion resistance.



HEADER BARS – New Advanced
The evolution to the latest generation header bar incorporates stainless steel encapsulated copper:

  • Maximise conductivity through a completely co-joined metallurgical interface of high conductive copper core and stainless steel outer sleeve
  • 316L stainless steel sleeve offers superior corrosion protection and high mechanical strength
  • Minimised exposure to tank house acid mist through reduction of exposed copper (bus bar contact area only)

CATHODE BLADES – Proven material

  • Cell house proven EN 1:4044 (316L) blade ... tension levelled to relieve stress and ensure blade straightness
  • Cold rolled 2B finish offers the ideal balance between copper plating adhesion and ease of stripping
  • High strength direct welding of cathode blade to header bar sleeve guarantees continuous conductivity and dimensional stability
  • Lifting windows for easy automated cathode handling

EDGE STRIPS – Sealed for ease of stripping

  • Various process-tolerant, non-conductive edge strip material ... fitted on two or three blade edges (with or without corner boots)
  • Various mechanical fixing options, depending on customer preference, offering longer productive life
  • Proprietary sealing process prevents ingress of electrolyte

Experienced Engineers will ensure effective cell house solutions