About Us

Tank House Technology specialises in meeting the needs of clients in the metals electro-winning industry.

It produces cathodes and cathode stripping machines, especially for copper and zinc operations.


We’ve come a long way since those early efforts to wrest metals from mother earth.


Continual advances are being made in leaching, solvent extraction and electro-winning.

But, there’s been no change to the harsh African conditions. Every Tank House Technology Cathode and Stripping Machine is designed and manufactured with this in mind.

Tank House Technology Africa-rugged cathodes are manufactured in stainless steel, titanium or high purity aluminium to the demanding tolerances required for top performance in coper, zinc, cobalt and nickel tank houses.

Tank House Technology header bars are designed for high electrical efficiency in order to reduce operating costs.

The favoured configuration is the encapsulated type header bar, where HCC solid coper bar is in a cladding of stainless steel.  This is achieved either by co-extrusing of the copper ‘insert’ and cladding in one process or by machining the copper bar to tightly fit inside the rectangular stainless steel ‘sheath.’  In the latter instance, slots are machined through the cladding and the copper bar is welded to the cladding through these slots.

Manual stripping of deposited metal from cathodes is tedious and results  in damage to cathodes and production delays.

Tank House Technology stripping machines offer efficient and economical cathode stripping, whilst protecting investment of cathodes and improving productivity. They reliably separate deposited metal, with minimal flexing to ensure the maximum lifespan of cathodes and edge strips.